This Flexible Apartment Concept by T2.a Welcomes Resident Input

 - Apr 17, 2018
References: & archdaily
The concept of a flexible apartment gains a whole new meaning with this algorithm that T2.a Architects will use for developing the design of DANUBIO — a residential project in Budapest. The studio aims to "give the freedom of design back to the residents," as the practice will allow people to have agency in the development of the architectural structure of their future homes.

To influence the configuration of units within this fully customizable and flexible apartment complex, one must install a Rhinoceros plug-in, called Grasshopper. Through it, individuals can define design aspects such as typology, orientation and location for their future dwelling.

This flexible apartment system allows for architects to establish a more direct connection with their clients. This bot broadens the developers' understanding of UX/UI and grants active agency to the community.