Kikkoman's Flavored Soy Milk is Made to Taste Just Like Cola

 - Mar 12, 2014
References: en.rocketnews24 & en.rocketnews24
Flavored soy milk usually comes in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry to make it more palatable, but this Kikkoman drinks takes a totally different approach.

One of the newest additions to Kikkoman's Tonyu Inryo line of soy milk includes a cola flavor, which might be the perfect compromise for people who want to be healthy, but can't seem to part with sugar-filled soda pops.

Although you might expect a dark soda color to come out of the soy milk box, surprisingly, the liquid is totally white in appearance. Despite the differences in the look of the beverages, the smell and taste of the drink is said to be pretty much identical to soda pop, which could be an effective way to help kids get their daily dose of calcium.