The 'Summer of the Suit' Editorial for Flare June 2013 is Chic

Any working woman knows that a great suit makes all the difference in the world, and this Flare June 2013 editorial called 'Summer of the Suit' perfectly exhibits what it's like to dress sophisticatedly in the city.

While tailored suits are often marketed toward the male demographic and looked upon as a masculine clothing choice, modern day women are choosing to wear these structured styles to demonstrate their power and influence in the working world. This Flare editorial features model Hannah Holman wearing suit jackets and pants paired with other more feminine styles such as blouses and patterned designs, turning an average suit into an extraordinary outfit.

The Flare June 2013 editorial wonderfully showcases how wearing a suit doesn't have to be dull or boring, but rather it can be quite visually compelling if styled in the right way.