Admiral's 'Firstcarquote' Analyzes New Drivers' Facebooks

 - Nov 2, 2016
References: admiral & cnet
Things that users post on Facebook are essentially publicly available windows into those people's personalities, and 'Firstcarquote' is a new insurance discount program that takes advantage of that information. Developed by 'Admiral,' a UK car insurance company, Firstcarquote analyzes the content of new drivers' Facebook profiles, giving them discounts if the system recognizes certain responsible or safe personality traits.

As any new driver looking to purchase their first insurance plan knows, new drivers often get comparatively ludicrous insurance premiums. These high premiums are the result of a lack of driving history and data showing that young drivers are far more likely to get into accidents.

Rather than relying on this blind data, though, Firstcarquote recognizes that other factors, such as personality, have an effect on driver safety. As such, Admiral has developed an algorithm that assesses a client's recent Facebook posts and provides them with discounts for qualities that are commonly displayed by safe drivers.