The Scott Sight Mask Allows For Hands-Free Thermal Imaging

 - Apr 25, 2016
References: scottsafetynation & gizmag
The Scott Sight is an exceptionally innovative and undeniably high-tech and advanced firefighter mask, developed by none other than Scott Safety, that is designed to make it easier than ever and much more convenient for fighters to make use of an imaging system that is exceptionally lightweight and also features a plethora of features that allow for more precise and streamlined thermal imaging.

The problem with conventional thermal imaging technologies is that they often come in the form of bulky and handheld contraptions. The Scott Sight thermal imaging firefighter mask improves on this by integrating a high-tech imaging system right into a regular firefighter mask so that individual firefighters can access real-time thermal imaging that can help guide their firefighting duties, allowing for better and safer outcomes.

Ultimately, this firefighter mask assists firefighters in creating thermal maps of their environment, allowing them to fight fires more efficiently and safely.