The Haven Fire Suppression System Looks Like a Smoke Detector

 - Jan 27, 2016
References: havenfiresafety & gizmag
The Haven fire-suppression system is a high-tech firefighting gadget that is capable of detecting fire automatically, before automatically spraying non-toxic fire suppressants to extinguish the fire early before it wreaks major havoc.

Each unit comprises a cylinder of suppressant that is hooked up to a sensor. The contraption is encased inside a cover that makes it look like a regular ceiling smoke detector. The suppressant is a non-toxic, dry material that is mixed in with filler material in a 90:10 ratio, an improvement over typical fire extinguishers that are 60 per cent suppressant material and 40 per cent filler.

The Haven fire suppression system is a stand-out fire-extinguishing contraption because of its proactive and aggressive approach which detects the problem and douses it quickly, rather than giving it the opportunity to worsen.