Nordstrom Kids' Clothing Range is Endorsed by 15-Year-Old Finn McGill

 - Mar 1, 2017
References: youtube
Teen skateboarder Finn McGill is the face of this inspiring ad campaign for Nordstrom Kids. The department store is known for its mix of high quality clothing, beauty and home offerings and recently enlisted the help of young influencers to promote its Gen Z clothing range. These influencers range from well-known tween artists to athletes that are meant to act as authentic and relatable brand ambassadors.

15-year-old Finn McGill is a skateboarder who is captured hanging out with friends in the middle of a deserted skate park. In this Nordstrom Kids ad, the teen athlete describes what inspires him and aims to send a positive message to others his age.

McGill names his family and friends as his main inspirations and recounts memories of surfing and skating from a young age. Additionally, he ends the ad with a message of hope and perseverence for others looking to get into the world of sports by stating that getting hurt doesn't mean that one should give up on their dreams.