Cincinati's Findlay Market Incubates Locally Produced Goods

 - Nov 22, 2018
First established in 1855, Cincinnati's Findlay Market is serving as a catalyst for transforming the city into the modern age while still preserving a rich sense of history. Driven by a host of core values, Findlay Market serves as a representation of the city's vision of the future, while also providing a rich variety of locally grown food and locally created products. All of this is perfectly presented in an impressive building that harkens back to Cincinnati's history while ushering in a modern age.

Part of the goal of Findlay Market lies in its incubation of local and entrepreneurial businesses. Almost all of the shops in the market are owned by local residents and are growing and profiting in the space. This makes Findlay Market an incredibly desirable location for mom and pop shops as they can work closely and for Cincinnati residents.