The 'Feuerloscher Shield+' Protects Users from Flames

 - Feb 10, 2018
References: & tuvie
Battling against a fire that has broken out with a traditional fire extinguisher is dangerous business, so the conceptual 'Feuerloscher Shield+' extinguisher is intended to provide advanced protection to eliminate the potential of injury.

The extinguisher works by incorporating a folding transparent shield that will prevent you from being harmed by the heat coming off of the flames or by potential debris that might be nearby. The unit also incorporates an LED flashlight that will help users to maintain better visibility as they fight the flames or work their way towards the nearest exit.

The conceptual 'Feuerloscher Shield+' fire extinguisher is the design work of Tony Thomas Narikulam and comes as a far safer piece of equipment that could prevent injury in a simple way.

Image Credit: Tony Thomas Narikulam