The 'Fairy Lights' 3D Holograms' Behavior is Influenced By Human Touch

A group of researchers hailing from Tsukuba University in Japan have invented futuristic 3D holograms that are capable of responding to a human's touch.

These holograms, dubbed Fairy Lights, are small in size and measure a volume no greater than one cubic centimeter. They use what are known as femtosecond lasers, which are capable of provoking physical matter in order to emit 3D light. The holograms make use of lasers in a completely innovative manner to make this possible.

This 3D hologram technology is the stuff of science fiction, and can be used to eventually create holograms that humans are able to physically interact with. The technology could be used for high-tech instruction in the medical field, or could be used to project technical instruments such as computer keyboards into space, just like in the Matrix movies.