The 'ARC' is an Exercise Device that Tracks Vitals and More

 - Feb 4, 2016
References: yankodesign
The market for exercise devices is steadily increasing as consumers become more focused on efficient health maintenance, which the 'ARC' looks to provide. Working as a pair of Bluetooth headphones, the 'ARC' also allows users to track their temperature, UV exposure and air quality.

Designed by Robert de Saint Phalle, the conceptual 'ARC' is also outfitted with an EKG sensor, which would make it suitable for usage by athletes and healthcare professionals alike. Wrist-worn wearables have dominated the industry for the past while, but the 'ARC' looks to deviate from this trend by offering a bevy of innovative features that provides more precise readings.

The capabilities of the 'ARC' enable it to potentially be put to use in hospitals or by healthcare professionals as a way to track daily routines for an upstream approach to health maintenance.