Ewok Lips by Crystal Effin Overland is a Slightly Creepy Portrait

 - Jul 2, 2014
References: facebook & neatorama
The Ewok Lips by Crystal Effin Overland, a makeup artist based in Toronto, Ontario, is a cosmetic look that not many women would be able to pull off. Of course, it is more artistic than practical. Instead of showing up to the office with a portrait of this adorable 'Star Wars' character on the bottom half of one's face, a person would be better off sporting it to the next Comic Con event.

Essentially a full-out portrait surrounding the mouth, the Ewok Lips by Crystal Effin Overland is only cute if the artist keeps her mouth shut. As Neatorama astutely points out, "Wicket's mouth expands to terrifying proportions, ready to devour Luke, Han, Leia, and any stormtroopers who survived the destruction of the second Death Star."