Evidence Aggregation Platform Rationally Answers Science Questions

 - Sep 10, 2017
References: rationally.io & betalist
This platform for evidence aggregation allows you to ask science questions and receive real answers, not opinions. Currently in alpha, education startup Rationally is described as "a crowdsourced evidence aggregator that answers science questions neutrally, comprehensively, transparently."

The new venture addresses confirmation bias, political cherry-picking and other exaggerations by finding the truth, even if findings are inconclusive. The science-oriented evidence aggregation platform employs a transparent methodology where community members answer questions based on peer-reviewed sources. Covering controversial concerns like climate change, vaccines, GMOs and more, Rationally aims to offer a public service with transparent and easy to understand responses without resorting to partisanship.

In a polarized political climate, many are increasingly valuing reason and objectivity and are seeking less mainstream ways of informing themselves.