The New Ever-Pretty Website Lets You Win Points For Leaving Reviews

 - May 26, 2016
References: ever-pretty & prweb
Ever-Pretty, the Internet's most popular and well-regarded store dedicated to selling dresses, is offering an excellent new rewards program that is designed to make it easier than ever for loyal shoppers and browsers alike to get points for their activity on the site.

What's great about the new Ever-Pretty rewards program is that it allows you to pick up points for leaving reviews on products that they've purchased. Points are also doled out to those customers who subscribe to the newsletter, register on the website and refer new members. These rewards can easily be accumulated and taken advantage of in the long-term via a big purchase.

What makes the Ever-Pretty rewards program a unique offering is the fact that, in addition to rewarding customers for purchases much like any regular reward program, it also offers reward points for activity. This means that the company doesn't just win more business but is also able to offer a vibrant online community.