Espace Culturel's Ads Infuse Mundane Life with Culture

 - May 26, 2014
References: e-leclerc & adsoftheworld
When looking at incredible works of fine art, it can be pretty easy to forget that they're often depictions of real people who lived real lives—but these Espace Culturel ads snap you out of dreamy thinking and back into the world of reality.

The ads promote "culture in everyday life" and take quite well-known paintings and highlight some of the more mundane things that happen in life, such as waiting for someone to call on the phone, all of the planning that goes into arranging a trip or divvying up food portions. One of the best in the series is a painting of Paris and Helen by Jacques Louis David, where the couple is chatting about their day and describes it as "boring as hell."

The funny ads were created for Espace Culturel by the Australie agency in Paris.