'EQ Playbook' Gives Users a Quick Way to Identify and Learn Emotions

 - Jun 13, 2018
References: itunes.apple & producthunt
Emotions are an elemental aspect of everyone's lived experience, but identifying and understanding emotion is a surprisingly nuanced and difficult task, and EQ Playbook is designed to help people improve that. The app gives concise, digestible definitions of emotional states using research from Wikipedia, the APA dictionary of psychology, and other emotion-specific sources.

EQ Playbook is based on the concept of emotional quotient, which is meant to be the spiritual partner to the intelligence quotient or IQ. While there's currently no standardized EQ test in the same way as the standardized IQ test, the concept is primarily meant to stand in for people's ability to recognize and respond to both their own and others' emotional states. The EQ Playbook is thus an effective tool in that quest.