The Clif BLOKS Energy Chews Provide a Surge of Vitality for Athletic Use

 - Aug 18, 2016
References: clifbar
Consumers looking for a quick burst of vitality in the midst of an activity that will not compromise their digestion or performance can turn to the Clif BLOKS Energy Chews to provide a fast dissolving and bite-sized boost. The Energy Chews are designed to provide natural and healthy energy increases for athletes that are in the middle of a training regime.

The Energy Chews are compact, lightweight and easy to pack thanks to their near exact gummy consistency. Because the chews are solid, they can easily be taken while running, biking or hiking. The natural sugars and low calorie content ensures that the energy boost is delivered immediately to the muscles and can be used in minutes to increase awareness, alertness and overall performance. Thanks to the small size, the Energy Chews are ideal to keep on hand.