The 'Emojigram' Website Builds Words out of Emojis

 - Jul 13, 2016
References: & producthunt
Fans of old-school internet fads like unicode drawing will love the Emojigram website, a browser-based site that writes words out of emojis. For 90s web denizens who could never understand how someone could take so much time typing a giant happy face out of smaller happy faces, Emojigram automates the process without abandoning its charm.

The Emojigram website couldn't be simpler to use: just type any word into the text bar and select emojis for the word and for the background. The nuance comes in deciding on emojis that either complement or subtly negate the word in the 'emojigram.' Literal-minded users could write "CATS" out of cats, while ironically poetical users could write something like "LOVE" out of sad faces and skulls.

The emojigrams are all copy and paste-able, so users can bring their retro internet interests to any corner of the online world.