The Elos Arma 'Feet Here' Video Entices With Dreamlike Visuals

 - Nov 15, 2012
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Showcasing an epitomized DIY aesthetic, the Elos Arma 'Feet Here' video utilizes surrealism to hypnotize with dreamlike visuals.

The short film begins with members of the band embarking on what is to be quest filled with non sequitur imagery set to their phenomenal track 'Feet Here.' Director John Ker captures the spanning countryside, setting a eerily calming tone that juxtaposes the perdition to come. As the musicians venture further into the forest, they encounter a mysterious mynx that lures them to her lair guarded by gender-ambiguous geisha guards. She proceeds to wickedly levitate the band with a spellbound serenity that occurs that exact moment of the song's crescendo.

With its visually stimulating array of levitation, androgynous characters and exquisite forestry, Elos Arma gives a captivating show to accompany their catchy track. Furthermore, the Elos Arma 'Feet Here' video is both an ingenuous ode to surrealism and a bewitching show of the band's harmonized musical expertise.