Ellen Jantzen Photographs Images of Diminshing Figures

 - Mar 20, 2012
References: ellenjantzen
The portraiture snapped by Ellen Jantzen exudes outer worldliness and questions where one’s body ends and the landscape begins. Each snapshot is extremely surreal and supernatural in feeling and captures subjects who are phantom-like in appearance and barely present in the pictures. Every portrait is stark in its contrast between a beautifully focused background landscape and an intensely blurred main subject.

The Midwestern American artist began her series by placing her husband Michael in various poses that either diminished or distinguished his presence in the shot. She has since moved on to also incorporating inanimate subjects, such as tombstones, which she uses to reflect the human form in another way. 

The Ellen Jantzen portrait series is a representation of the way that humans are affected by their surroundings and how each person adapts differently to their environment. Her works blurs and distorts reality in a way that is both stunning and thought provoking to see.