The Elio Motors P5 Offers Great Performance and Fuel Economy

 - Nov 24, 2015
References: eliomotors & digitaltrends
The Elio Motors P5 is the latest prototype of a vehicle that has captured people's imaginations like few other vehicles over the past couple of years. This particular vehicle seats two and has three wheels. Not only does it look incredibly unique, but it is promised to deliver excellent performance and exceptional fuel economy at a very reasonable price expected to sit below the $7,000 mark.

This particular version of the Elio Motors car features a 60-horsepower 0.9-liter triple cylinder engine, custom made for Elio Motors and mounted at the front. This vehicle will offer a top speed of 161 km/h, 55 pounds-feet of torque and the ability to zoom from zero to 97 km/h in just below 10 seconds. While the vehicle is technically a car, it is technically classed as a motorbike.

This vehicle could be a great purchase for anyone looking for an inexpensive vehicle that keeps fuel costs down.