Stylish Absinthe Spoons and Grills

 - Jul 14, 2008
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The common process in drinking the highly potent Absinthe, involves pouring ice water over a sugar cube placed on a grill or spoon, into a glass of the spirit, to dilute it. With the recent legalization of Absinthe, the anise flavoured spirit, in the United States, so too comes a rise in marketing of the required Absinthe drinking accessories.

The Virtual Absinthe Museum Web Shop offers Kirk Burkett's artistic sterling silver Absinthe grilles and spoons, limited to 100 pieces each. His designs shown here are spoons in the shape of the artemisia, plant from which Absinthe is derived, a devilish pan grill, and an elephant head grill.
New Moon Occult Shop sells a gorgeous La fee Verte (the green fairy) Absinthe spoon.
From La Fée Absinthe a traditional design is available, slotted and etched with the La Fée eye logo.
Even the relatively mainstream Unica Home is taking pre-orders on many new Absinthe spoon designs.

These samples are so beautiful you could use them as a decorative addition to your home, never to see a drop of 'The Green Fairy'.