From Glow-in-the-Dark to Diamond-Encrusted Utensils

 - Jun 12, 2009   Updated: Jul 13 2011
Not only is 'spoon' an awesome word (just say it, right now), but it also encompasses a huge array of delicious innovation. Trend Hunter has featured all sorts of innovative spoons, from diamond-encrusted spoons (to spoon-feed babies caviar?) to glow-in-the-dark cutlery sets. Of course, since we're focusing on innovative spoons and related creations, we've also thrown in offbeat designs like art made of spoons, spoon lamps and even spoon-shaped urinals.

Implications - This collection of spoons will surely put a smile on anyone's face. Almost everyone uses spoons on a daily basis, and these unusual creations are not only fun to look at, but also hilarious to think of as the standard design of a spoon. Who would have thought that such a commonly-used items as a spoon could be transformed in so many ways?