Mcdonald's Orders Cease and Desist On Golden Coke Spoon

 - Apr 29, 2007
References: charlesandmarie & cupcakeoutlaw.blogspot
The Citizen:Citzen Gold Coke Spoon #1 was designed about a year ago, but the designers were recently given a cease and desist letter from McDonald’s because their Coke Spoon #2 looked like a McDonald’s stir stick.  As a result, the publicity is driving up the popularity of their entire line.  Nice work, McDs!

Obviosuly, being highly illegal, advertising the fact you take drugs is never a good idea. A bit much like drugs themselves. However, I feel the design quality of this ‘cokespoon’ deserves a mention. Whilst it may be an accurate replica of a biro top, the fact it is made out of gold kind of gives it away. Ironically a 30 pence biro would serve any wannabe coke spoon owners a lot better.