These Provocative Table Accessories are Fearlessly Bold

 - May 4, 2012
In an industry not exactly known for being cutting-edge, tableware is slowly but surely getting an edgy makeover. With injections of sass, naughtiness and in some cases morbidity, an emerging trend of deviant dinnerware is emerging.

Considering that these are products used several times a day, it only makes sense that innovation in the name of more interesting dinners would be a welcomed change from the average, ever-present porcelain set. From genital-inspired dishes to weapon-like cutlery, such daring dinnerware is probably not on anyone's wedding registry, making these examples all the more awesome.

For a select few who are determined to spice up supper, these deviant tablewares are sure to add visual interest to any dining occasion. Shocking, spooky and sometimes downright weird, this is not the set you want to bring out when grandma comes around.