You'll Be Dying to Have One of Trevor Jackson's Skull Teapots

 - May 19, 2011
References: & likecool
This tasteful teapot is so unique, you’ll just be dying to have it.

Trevor Jackson’s skull teapots are definitely a tabletop oxymoron. The deathly decanters are designed and molded to look like a human skull. The handle of the teapot emerges from the back of the head and the spout emerges from the snout.

Jackson sells a plain white glazed skull pot, yet his most praised pourer is definitely his ‘skull teapot in flowers.’ This terrifying teapot is covered in beautiful blue flowers. They are dainty and resemble the flowers one might see decorating fine china plates or cups. The flowing flowers symbolize life, which is why it’s so interesting to see them cascade down a dead tea-filled skull.

Trevor Jackson’s skull teapots are horrifyingly humorous high-tea accessories and will definitely have people choking on their scones.