Doll Head Cups Combine Antique Objects in an Unexpected Way

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: etsy & 7gadgets
It is surprising to look upon these Doll Head Cups and discover drinking vessels, for the soft sculptural faces of the dishes seem to have once had homes upon the the shoulders of straw-stuffed bodies. These unique coffee cups were in fact modeled on the noggins of old porcelain dolls, created for this purpose with smooth physiognomic contours and a soft white glaze.

Around the same era that little girls were playing with this sort of fragile figurines, their mothers and grandmothers were sipping their afternoon infusions from fine china with elegant gold-coated handles. Designer Natalia Gruszecka of Wroclaw, Poland, decided to unite these two very different items together to produce her contemporary set of Doll Head Cups with strong ties to traditional cultural objects and behaviors.