This Series is an Interpretation of Jessie Randall’s Earthy Narrative

 - Aug 14, 2015
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New York-based designers of RoAndCo Studio created a lookbook for Jessie Randall's earthy narrative. The idea for this artistic project was to recreate an existing image series and transform it into a duplicity-themed art collection.

The stylistic goal has been met by RoAndCo Studio through its use of attaching two individual people with visual trickery. The idea of duplicity is conveyed through an artistic illusion that fools the viewer into seeing conjoined twins rather than two people.

The inspiration from Jessie Randall allows these images to reveal nature-inspired aspects such as quirky cactus props. Since the original images convey an earthy narrative, these image follow suit in a uniquely paralleled way. Each image also includes a soft pastel background that adds a highly feminine approach to the overall collage of images.