Drop Shots Ensure Perfect Jagerbombs Every Time Using Science

 - Oct 22, 2014
References: thegreenhead & thegreenhead
If you're a fan of Jagerbombs or Irish Car Bombs then it's clear you're going to love Drop Shots, which feature conveniently placed magnets to ensure the perfect drop shot every time. Coming in a set that includes a pint glass and a shot glass, Drop Shots glasses feature opposing magnets on the base of either, which means when you drop a shot of liquor into your pint of brew that it'll quickly sink straight to the bottom without fuss.

When it comes to doing drop shots, usually it requires a perfect mix of cunning and timing to ensure the shot is dropped just right into the beverage in question. Drop Shots take the guess work out of trying to perfect your fave drop shot by using the awesome power of magnets in your drinking endeavors.