These Drinkable Meals are Designed for Maximum Convenience

 - Aug 6, 2015
References: blog.soylent & grubstreet
‘Soylent’ founder Rob Rhinehart recently announced that his popular food substitute is now available in the form of drinkable meals. For the past several years, Soylent has come as a dehydrated powder that users must combine with water before consuming. Rhinehart decided to make it easier to consume the product by producing Soylent in ready-to-drink bottles.

The drinkable meals are designed to function as a complete food substitute and each bottle contains about one fifth of your daily calories. The drinks are made up of a combination of oat flour, rice-protein powder, tapioca maltodextrin, canola oil and other nutrient additives. Similarly to the original Soylent powder, the new drinks are designed to contain everything the human body needs to function.

While not everyone may be ready to give up solid foods, the new drinkable meals are a suitable choice for those who prefer convenience over taste.