The Semenology Book Teaches How to Properly Mix Sperm and Booze

 - Apr 11, 2013
References: amazon & foodbeast
Paul Photenhauer gained some infamy in the past for his cookbook, 'Natural Harvest: A Collection of Semen Based Recipes' but unfortunately for those who wanted some bodily fluid-infused drinks to go with their meals, there hasn't been any sperm-infused drink guides -- until now.

Yes, 'Semenology: The Semen Bartender’s Handbook' is here and it's the drink guide to end all drink guides. This tome is just bursting with interesting mixes, all of which involve body fluid. The Johnny-come-lately tome is full of colorful pictures accompanying the recipes with delicious sounding drinks such as the 'Galliano Cum Shot' to the 'Slightly Saltier Caviar.'

Photenhauer justifies the bizarre drink guide by saying "people eat all kinds of weird s***. Eggs are the menstruation of chickens. Milk is the mammary excretion from cows. Semen is… at least it’s fresh and you know who the producer is." Let's just say that this book is filled with bad taste, both literally and figuratively.