Lucas Kschischang Explains How Dressing up Your Pet Can Promote Business

 - Nov 28, 2012
References: youtube
The idea of dressing up your pet might seem ridiculous to a lot of people, but for small business owners, the concept is becoming quite lucrative.

The world of advertising can be extremely competitive. Whether your business is big and booming or small and specialized, having a clever ad campaign that grabs the attention of consumers and engages them emotionally is a sure fire way to get a leg up on the opposition. However, discovering exactly what it is that people want to see is no easy task. Perhaps it’s a particular color on a billboard, or a funny commercial or, as Trend Hunter Lucas Kschischang has discovered, it could be something as simple as dressing up your pet in some franchise-branded clothing.

In his Trend Hunter interview, Lucas talks about creative animal advertising and how two young entrepreneurs came up with the idea to use their pet pug as an interactive marking tool for big businesses like Starbucks and Boston Pizza. As a graphic designer, Lucas whole-heartedly believes that creative freedom is the key to success in the workplace, and he has proven this theory true time and again with his original and informative visualizations featured on the Trend Hunter website.