Liam Cobb's Dreamy Illustrations are Beautiful & Engaging

 - Aug 6, 2018
References: liamcobb.tumblr & juxtapoz
The dreamy illustrations of London-based creative Liam Cobb are definitely works that embody both a strong sense of realism and a nod to surrealism. The artist's approach definitely has a unique personal style. Cobb produces imagery that exhibits strong connections to spatial places and the geometric perspectives of his work definitely suggest an architectural precision. However, the color palette of the dreamy illustrations counters the inherent realism of the imagery, suggesting a wondrously uncanny vibe. This is further set into motion by the bizarre natural landscapes Cobb communicates with select pieces.

The subtle juxtaposition of these two artistic movements is what makes Liam Cobb's work highly engaging and beautiful. In addition to the inherent statement against realism within the dreamy illustrations, the color palette of the work also signifies a temporal placement as the colors can be loosely tied to dusk, dawn, midday or night.