Fred Stonehouse's Paintings are Bizarrely Fantastical

 - Jul 28, 2013
References: fredstonehouseart & lostateminor
Self-proclaimed artist and dreamweaver Fred Stonehouse has put forth a new series of dream art, proving that modern art can indeed stray from this world.

Each of Stonehouse's paintings is stranger than the last, giving viewers odd pieces of advice like, "dream of the marsh potatoes." His quirkiest and most awesome painting is definitely the marsh potatoes creation. This two-dimensional piece shows a black bear suspended over a waterfall. He's crying huge, engorged tears, and looks off into the distance while surrounded by large flowers of all different neon colors. "Dream of the marsh potatoes" is written around him. The meaning of this unrequited advice is unclear, but one thing is for certain: Fred Stonehouse has some extremely strange dreams.