Understand How Retailers Attract Consumers with Unique Storefronts

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: trendreports
Sizing up a store can easily be done just by noticing details in its window displays. Consumers form a general idea of a store's appeal by what products are showcased to passersby. In the world of retail, a customer's impression of a brand is everything, and the Display Window Trend Report will provide insight into the creative ways retailers attract consumers.

Storefront displays are continuously reinvented, as consumers become more savvy towards the marketing and advertising techniques utilized by large retailers and boutique operators. Interactive displays are becoming more commonplace, allowing customers to digitize their window shopping experience. In fact, there are apps available that let users browse stores and shop for goods wherever there is a good Wi-Fi signal. Finally, some brands go beyond traditional methods of window dressing, using shockvertising methods to attract larger audiences.

The Display Window Trend Report is your guide to understanding modern marketing strategies utilized by retailers.