The Diablo III Online Auction House Offers Real Money for In-Game Items

 - Aug 2, 2011
References: dubiousquality.blogspot & wired
Diablo III is sure to stun fans of the series with its great visuals and gameplay, but perhaps the most interesting feature of the game is its revamped auction house which lets players sell in-game items for real-world money. The Diablo III online auction house is set to be a first in the MMORPG genre which until now has seen third-party websites negotiating the buying and selling of in-game items for money.

The game's publisher, Blizzard, is obviously hoping to curb the would-be RMT (real money trader) players who would have no doubt attempted to infiltrate Diablo III. Blizzard is also set to cash in on the new Diablo III online auction house as they will be charging two separate fees -- a listing and purchasing fee, per transaction. The new auction house system is still in beta testing, but as a former player of MMORPG games I am almost certain that the system will be a hit.