Dear Tea's Packaging Fuses Vintage and Contemporary Elements Seamlessly

 - Jun 13, 2016
Dear Tea's brand identity is the work of Beijing-based graphic designer 谷 龙 who revives vintage packaging for a new generation of tea drinkers. The brand's herb-infused blend is available in brown bags and cardboard containers along with wooden vessels that are designated for larger orders.

These wooden vessels embody a vintage design aesthetic and are reminiscent of tea packaging from years past. This Chinese tea branding is rustic while appealing to today's consumer and is reflective of Dear Tea's artisanal brand values and dedication to quality.

Fusing aesthetics with practical design details, this wood-accented packaging is not only decorative but can also double as future teabag storage after its contents are consumed/ Furthermore, its illustrated labels inform consumers about fresh ingredients, tea benefits and preparation instructions.