The Funplus Office Includes an "Oxygen Corner" and Other Creative Stations

 - Oct 31, 2016
The HQ office for mobile gaming company Funplus in Beijing is a project of David Ho Design Studio.

The design by the David Ho Design Studio makes Funplus' virtual games into a reality. A giant Funplus with a walk-in waiting room shaped like an oversize logo will greet you as you walk through its entrance.

Funplus’ signature game, Family Farm, is enjoyed by over 6 million players each day; it is number six in Facebook’s gaming list. The office has replica of a beautiful red wooden barn house from Family Farm, which serves as a chatting hub. An "oxygen corner" featuring natural plants and hot air balloon seats are built in because the designers behind the office believe that creativity is a vital part which will help sparks conversations, collaboration and encourage people to be playful and crucially generate great ideas.