These Cartoon-Inspired Gory Images Show Cutesy Animals Feasting on Prey

 - Jun 1, 2015
References: boredpanda
These illustrations of cutesy animals feasting on their prey at dinner time were created by Chicago artist Alex Solis. This is his latest project called 'Predator vs Prey.' In each image, the eyes of the animals are exaggerated to look adorably warm and welcoming but the poses reveal that these animal are just here to kill and eat their prey.

The mildly disturbing images combine the adorableness associated with cartoon animals and contrasts it with animals feasting on their prey. The shocking part of the images is that the predators are devouring smiling prey -- the animals being munched on look a bit too happy to be there. It's a surreal look at meal time in the animal kingdom.

Solis' inspiration for these image comes from his young daughter. He wants to entertain her while teaching her some life lessons through art.