The Crupcake Combines Flaky Croissants with the Spongy Texture of Cake

 - Jul 9, 2014
References: dudefoods & dudefoods
Blogger DudeFood decided to add to the list of croissant food hybrids this creative croissant cupcake dessert called the Crupcake.

The idea for the Crupcake came from a DudeFoods follower who suggested Nick Chipman attempt making a cupcake infused with croissant dough. The Crupcake was simple enough to make because croissant and cupcakes bake at the exact same temperature. The baking of the Crupcake is a two-step process that requires cooking the croissant dough first and the cupcake second. This way the croissant dough is layered into the cupcake pan, cooked and then followed with a layer of chocolate cupcake batter. Once the Crupcake has fully cooked and cooled it is covered in a delicious layer of decadent chocolate icing.