Credit Card Company Credit Saison Formed 'Higashi-Ikebukuro 52'

 - May 22, 2017
References: & japantrends
Inspired by the popularity of Japanese idol groups, credit card company Credit Saison decided to form its own called 'Higashi-Ikebukuro 52.' The group is comprised of the real female employees of the company and the "52" in the group's name references the number of floors in the Credit Saison headquarter building where they work. Together, the group released three versions of its first song, 'Watashi Saison,' which can be purchased through the use of Credit Saison’s Saison Card points system, or simply enjoyed in the form of a highly choreographed music video.

For the entertainment of fans, Credit Saison has also launched behind-the-scenes video content showing how it helped to turn its employees into music stars.

Across Japan, companies commonly rely on pop culture phenomena for marketing. For instance, Okinawa’s Bank of the Ryukyus launched a campaign starring two original anime characters, while Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries selected an animated idol to be the face of its tourism initiative.