The New Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers Feature Baked-In Soup

 - Feb 6, 2018
References: traderjoes & chewboom
For those who love to dip their crackers into their soup before taking a bite, Trader Joe's new Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers make it easier than ever to enjoy the comforting pairing.

Trader Joe's Creamy Tomato Soup Seasoned Crackers are a new variety of savory biscuits that are actually infused with soup. Despite the fact that tomato soup is baked right in, the crackers are deliciously crunchy thanks to a tasty blend of brown rice and rolled oats. The seasoned crackers are also certified gluten-free, making them an accessible option for a wide variety of customers.

While the new crackers may seem ingenious, this is not the first time that Trader Joe's has debuted soup-infused snacks. Several years ago the chain released Pumpkin Soup Crackers, which immediately became a seasonal sensation.