The 'Cracked Screens and Broken Hearts' Campaign Uses Accident Data

This 'Cracked Screens and Broken Hearts' infographic displays exactly how and when smartphone damage happens.

All too many smartphone users are familiar with the disastrous feeling of losing grip of a precious, expensive piece of technology and feeling the panic as it slips from one's hand and falls to the ground below. Sometimes, it can be picked up with a sigh of relief, but more often, the smartphone owner is left with a spiderweb of a shattered screen. In this cracked screens compilation of data, Motorola provides some insight into when, where and why this happens.

The cracked screens infographic is part of a clever campaign for Motorola's Droid Turbo 2. Choosing to focus on a simple, unique and powerful feature, Motorola has made the Turbo 2's un-crackable screen the major focus of advertising for the new smartphone.