The 'Couture Bandits' Series Catches Raccoons and Their Stolen Items

 - Jul 22, 2016
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Niki Pilkington has debuted a new collection titled 'Couture Bandits' that features raccoons being caught with stolen luxury goods. Pilkington is known for her use of flashy colors and stylish patterns in her artwork.

Pilkington selected raccoons because of their reputation for being thieves, although not usually of couture items. The bashful-looking raccoons have stolen items like a Yves Saint Laurent purse, a bottle of Channel perfume, a Cartier bracelet and a Burberry scarf. The raccoons look both innocent and gleeful while holding their stolen luxury goods. In keeping with her stylistic blend of color and muted tones, Pilkington illustrated the raccoons in tones of gray whereas the couture items are the pop of color in every portrait. Three more portraits will be added to the series of Couture Bandits.