The Vers Passage Accomedates Customer Traffic from a Curved Counter Display

 - Mar 25, 2016
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The Vers Passage butchery shop located in a shopping mall in Zoetermeer accommodates multiple customer traffic points thanks to an elongated curved counter display that allows employees to service shoppers coming from multiple directions. This is ideal as the design of the butchery shop offers a 360-degree layout that is multi-functional and maximizes on the shopping mall's continual flow of traffic.

Shopping centres often have consumers moving from all directions, making a curved counter an ideal solution to accommodate shoppers entering the store from a variety of angles. The Vers Passage location designed by AR features a large C-shaped counter that spans the entire store front allowing consumers to make purchases anywhere in the store. The wall-less layout also suits the continual flow of customers, making for a more seamless food shopping experience.