Corey Moranis Creates Deliciously Edible Fashion Art

Mixed media artist Corey Moranis creates edible art inspired by pop-culture, internet culture, fashion and food.

Moranis deliciously creates works that are rainbow colored, sparkly and fashionably edible. The artist’s earliest projects involved creating cakes to match her outfits, which has now evolved into food-themed art shows and cake hats. Corey has even gone as far as venturing into hyper-colored knits and light installations. 

Moranis is best described as part Andy Warhol part Cake Boss. Some of her art works include fruit increased jelly transparent sandals, rainbow colored edible necklaces and spunky vibrantly colored outfit-matching layered cakes.

The uniquely stylish mixed media artist is creating quite a buzz among celebrities like Evan Rachel Wood, who are her biggest fans. The concept of baking and designing cakes in sync with fashion as art is simply amazing, because what’s better than edible art?