Coors Edge is an Accessible and Tasty Option for Dry January

 - Dec 14, 2018
References: amazon
Coors Edge — a product available in a 12-pack on Amazon, is an enjoyable alternative to alcoholic beverages. With a 0.5% ABV per 355 mL, the offering is a great option for Dry January.

Statistics point that 80% of Canadians drink alcohol, with rates of consumption significantly rising around the holidays. The first month of the year allows individuals to detox after a lengthy period of festive parties and family gatherings.

Coors Edge is a refreshing golden lager that goes exceptionally well with Ameican-style cheeses, BBQ staples, and traditional salad-based dishes. It boasts only 45 calories and is advertised as "THE beer you can have whenever and wherever you want." The taste of the beloved beverage is preserved — despite the lack of alcohol content, thanks to a double-brewing technique.