Pantone's Ads Show Minimal, Colorful Cartoon Characters

 - Jun 24, 2014
References: winnersnneslions & coloribus
These Pantone posters capture the essence of colorful cartoon characters with a single hue and just a few simple shapes. When a brand, person or character becomes recognizable by just a certain color, it tends to be universal, since color has the ability to go beyond language. Since Pantone is a brand that's all about harnessing the power of color, what better way to show its importance than compare it to some of the world's most iconic characters?

The posters were developed for Pantone by the Y&R Shanghai agency with the aim of appealing to a younger generation of artists and designers. In the print ads, famous characters like Kermit the Frog, Garfield and Cookie Monster are represented with a unique numbered Pantone color, showing that "There can only be one."