CODA Designed a Lawn Chair Pavilion for the Arts Quad at Cornell University

 - Oct 14, 2016
References: & archdaily
CODA, a design and architecture group based out of Ithaca and Brooklyn, has created an artistic pavilion in Cornell's Arts Quad that repurposes a piece of furniture native to a quad: the lawn chair. The sculpture, called URCHIN, is made primarily out of white plastic lawn chairs of the same type that likely grace the quad during graduation ceremonies each year.

The lawn chairs in CODA's URCHIN sculpture, while stackable by design, have been recombined in interesting formations for the installation. The chairs are tethered against each other's backs to create fluid, swooping curves. Since the chairs' legs all point outwards, the sculpture takes on a spiky appearance, which is why the pavilion is called URCHIN.

The principal material in CODA's sculpture is of course the lawn chairs themselves, however these are connected to one another via wire cables and screws.