Beat the Competition with Mixology Insight

 - Mar 18, 2012
References: trendreports
The growth of cooking and nightlife-oriented blogs has been paired with a new mixology cult. Bartenders and restaurant owners have refreshed their recipes, often producing new breeds of colorful concoctions. Tools like the bottle cap opener and the martini shaker have also been revitalized and relaunched within the alcohol forum. Whether enjoyed on vacation or at home, upscale aperitifs have yet to go out of style, and the Cocktail Trend Report unveils what’s driving these mixes.

Do-it-yourself YouTube videos have promoted a whole generation of at-home beverage makers. While this has demystified the role of the alcohol specialist, of-age drinkers still appreciate a night filled with state-of-the-art refreshments. Members of the spirit and hospitality sectors looking to capitalize on these nights will receive the tools needed to stay ahead of the competition with the Cocktail Trend Report.